Helpful Tips

  • Take a cool, not hot, shower after your wrap.

  • Drink six to eight 8-oz. glasses of water each day. This will help promote further inch loss and detoxification in the days immediately following your wrap.

  • It is suggested that you do a couple of full body wraps before concentrating on partial or “spot” wraps.

  • Inch loss will vary by individual.

  • Do not allow yourself to become too cool or too warm during your wrap.

Before You Begin

You should take a shower before beginning your wrap (if you are wearing any lotions or oils). If you shave your legs, you should do so the day before your wrap. It is recommended that you wait at least 3 hours after eating to do your wrap. Go to the restroom.

Set aside 90 minutes to do your wrap (you will only be wrapped for one hour, but you will need to allow time for measuring, dressing and undressing). Select an uncarpeted area where you will have some privacy. You may wear cotton undergarments during your wrap, if you wish.

Have someone assist you with the measuring (this is easiest). Take a paper tape measure and measure around both upper arms, both thighs, your abdomen, buttocks and waist. Record each measurement and its location. Mark your skin with a small ink mark above and below the tape measure in two or three different places for each measurement. This will ensure that you place the tape in the same spot before and after your wrap. Be sure your assistant pulls the tape snug, but not tight, for each measurement.


How to use Luca Lean Body Wrap

Starting at your ankles, rub the exclusive Luca Lean formula onto your body (at about the consistency of body lotion, but just slightly thicker). Rub the formula onto each part of the body that you intend to wrap. Once you have completed this, start wrapping each part with plastic wrap (heavy duty Saran wrap works well).

Note: Do not wrap so tight as to cut off your circulation. Wrap should be snug and firm, but not constricting.

Once you have done this, put on a robe or cover yourself with a blanket, and find a comfortable place to sit or lie down for an hour. After the hour is up, unwrap, dry off and re-measure. Remember to use the same ink marks as before. That’s it! Record your inch loss by adding together the total number of inches lost from each area.