Q. How does the Luca Lean formula work?
A. Toxins, caused by chemicals, pollution, stress and various other sources, invade out systems. This causes water retention and cellulite. This formula, and the body wrap procedure itself, help the body cleanse itself-ridding itself of the toxins and visibly tightening the skin by compacting and firming the tissue.

Q. Are any special wrapping cloths or “bandages” required to do this wrap?
A. NO. That is one of the wonderful things about this formula. While other body wrap formulas require you to purchase or otherwise obtain special cloth wraps, the Luca Lean formula works with regular plastic wrap like you probably already have in your kitchen. However, many people do prefer the elastic wraps.

Q. How many full body wraps can I get from one 8 oz. jar?
A. Most people will get a minimum of 3 full body wraps from one 8 oz. jar of the formula. This is a very conservative estimate, however, and it is safe to say that most will get 3 or more full wraps. Of course, it will depend in large part on your actual size and height. A person who is 5’5″ and 140 pounds will obviously be able to perform more wraps from one jar of the formula than someone who is, for example, 5’10” and 240 pounds. Also, if you are using the formula to do “spot wraps” you will be able to get several more wraps from one jar.

Q. What is a spot wrap?
A. Some people have only a few problem areas (such as the abdomen, hips, etc) that they want to concentrate on. In those cases, they would wrap only those spots they want to tone. Of course, you will not see as much overall inch loss as you would from a full body wrap, but this is a very effective means of slimming and toning your problem areas.

Q. Will I be able to lose a lot of weight?
A. The Luca Lean formula is designed to take off inches rather than pounds. You will most likely lose several pounds (especially from your first wrap), but if you do, just consider it an added bonus. Of course, most customers, including myself, are so motivated by the initial inch loss that they use it as a starting point to further diet, exercise and weight loss goals.

Q. How many wraps will I need?
A. That is completely up to you and depends on your own personal goals. Although you do not have to move around while wrapped, mild exercise while wrapped has been proven to help achieve even greater inch loss. To achieve the inch loss you desire, you should wrap at least once or twice a week until you meet your goal. After that, you should perform a maintenance wrap every 6-8 weeks. If you have a special event coming up (such as a class reunion) and want to lose a lot of inches quickly, you can perform multiple wraps in one day.

Q. Is this a temporary “water” loss?
A. No. Your inch loss is guaranteed not to return, as long as you do not gain any weight.

Q. Is this body wrap safe for everyone?
A. You should always consult with a doctor and obtain his or her permission if you are on any types of medication or have any physical conditions. Caution is specifically advised if you have any circulatory problems or disease. And, of course, if you are pregnant you probably would not want to perform a body wrap-you especially would not want to wrap your abdomen.

Q. I have a problem with cellulite. Will this help?
A. Yes. Most women notice very significant improvement after just a few wraps. Immediate results are noticeable after the very first wrap, however.